Friday, December 9, 2011

The Walt Disney Classics Collection Announces Latest Retirement & Suspensions!

The Walt Disney Classics Collection is pleased to honor Stitch (also known as “Experiment 626” by fans of Disney's Lilo & Stitch) with Retirement.

'Alien Auana', an Open Edition release was sculpted by Dave Spafford and was released in March 2010.  This item is Sold Out and will not return to the line.

Also announced was the Suspension of the following:
  • The Lion King Opening Title
  • Beauty and the Beast Opening Title
  • Lumiere (Enchanted Size)

The Lion King Opening title was released in May, 1999.  The Beauty and the Beast opening title was released in March, 1997.  Lumiere ("Candlestick Casanova") specifically designed to be in exact scale to Belle & Beast was released in November, 2009.

As a reminder, a Suspension status means the item is sold out at the warehouse and there are no plans to re-order this item for at least a year or more.

Please contact your Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection Dealer for availability. 


Disney Showcase Key said...

Thank you for the information.

Duckman said...

You're Welcome!