Saturday, October 8, 2011

Artist Signing Event with Dusty Horner at Gallery of the Lakes!

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Gallery of the Lakes will be hosting an Artist Signing Event next Saturday, October 15, 2011 with Sculptor Dusty Horner at their store!

For a complete listing of Dusty's work for the Walt Disney Classics Collection, please click this link.


Chadwick Land said...

Are you able to go to this event? I picked up a couple of items for Dusty to sign that they will then ship. I hope you get photos if you go.

Duckman said...


Attended the event and had a great time!

We were able to see on display the upcoming Nightmare Before Christmas pieces .. Mr. Hyde, Cyclops and Jack Skellington's House.

Mr. Hyde was much larger than I anticipated and Jack's House is very cool. The house is attached to the base, not separate and they had it lit to see how it lights up and very cool how the light flickers in the tower.

Mid-way thru the event, there was presentation by Traci Thomas, Brand Manager and Dusty Horner, sculptor. It's always interesting hearing what goes into the sculptures, how they're made and how the sculptors work with actual film material from the films and in some cases, work with the animators themselves.

This is what makes this collection unique and separates it from other collectibles. Appreciate the time that Traci and Dusty took in answering each and everyone's questions.

Really enjoyed hearing Dusty's account on when he sculpted the Members Only Baloo & Mowgli and meeting Ollie Johnston's and his input and making the sculpture true to the film.

Traci told us they awaiting approval from Disney and hopefully within the next couple weeks, we'll have another announcement with 3-4 additional sculpts announced.

Was a great, fun weekend that went much TOO fast! Was great hanging out the weekend with my WDCC friends both old and new.

Looking forward to the next event!

Justin Lopez said...

I know the event schedule had mentioned a presentation on the 20th anniversary:) I know what happens at the Gallery probably stays at the gallery but I was wondering if you'd be willing to share if there was such a presentation :) thanks and glad you had a great time. Hopefully pics will follow!

Herc said...

It was an awesome event. Meeting up with all our friends having time to spend with Traci and Dusty really made this weekend fly by. It was wonderful listening to Dusty talk about some of the processes he goes through in creating his pieces. He is such a down to earth guy. You can tell he really loves what he does. It is always nice to see Traci. She is a true gem to have around WDCC. The day went way too fast. I could have talked to both of them for another three hours.
Ray and Elaine at GOTL are the BEST. They treat each and everyone of the attendees like family. The dinner was fantastic and literally the portions could have been cut in half and still be filling. It always feels like going home when everyone is there. And they are now carrying Vera Bradley too which will make my wife very happy (as well as a few of the attendees, right Mary!)
The new NBC pieces are fantastic and like Don said, Mr. Hyde is bigger than expected. And on such tiny thin legs, too. Jack's house is one that I think is going to be most popular. Cannot wait to get it to add to my holiday decorations.
Another fun-filled weekend at Gallery of the Lakes. Lots of pieces signed as well as COAs. It was wonderful seeing all of our Disney friends who attended.
And the best thing I found out was that there were brand new people to the collection that came and are very excited about collecting WDCC!!

Bob said...

As Don and Jeff said It was really interesting to hear Dusty speak about the progression of WDCC pieces from the concept straight thru to the painting process.I can tell from his enthusiasm as he explained these processes he is as big a Disney fan as we all are!!! Its always a delight to see Traci!!! When she talks about WDCC she just lights up, her passion for the line is infecting.
The whole room was abuzz when Dusty and Traci were doing their presentation!!!!!
What else can be said about GOLs crew they really do make us all feel special.
Their events are second to none, the dinner we were all invited to after the signing was AMAZING!!!
When you have fans flying and driving in from all over the country to attend their events you know they are doing something right!!! Thanks so much for another great event Ray, Elaine, Gary and Tammy.
It is always great to see all of our wonderful Disney friends and its great to meet new collectors as well.
ALL in all a FANTASTIC weekend we really hated to see it end.
Can't wait too see what new pieces WDCC has in store for us!!!!!

Melanie said...

It was great to see everyone again and catch up. Being with old friends that share a passion and love for WDCC and everything Disney is the best! Dusty's presentations are always so enjoyable and Traci is an asset to Disney. Thanks to Ray, Elaine, Gary and Tammy for the hospitality and wonderful dinner! You guys are the best!

dopey926 said...

The GOTL Events always leave me wanting more. This past weekend was no exception.

It was great to see Dusty! He was very humbled by each story he told about his newest sculpts. From Peter, Wendy & Tink to Up he shared his experiences while sculpting each piece. It's these personal stories that make the sculpts priceless, in my opinion. There is no other collectible presently being made that has the quality of each and every WDCC piece.

Traci's continued passion and commitment to the line and it's success is infectious. You always walk away wanting more.

Ray, Elaine, Gary and Tammy thank you for all that you did to make this weekend as memorable as ever! We are family for sure!!

It always fun sharing the love of Disney and WDCC with friends old and new. I know we have made life long friends, and continue to meet the most amazing people.

I am looking forward to the upcoming release announcements, and hope that the line will continue for many years to come.

Mary said...

I have not been able to attend an event at the Gallery of the Lakes for several years and I was so much anticipating this one. Needless to say, it did not disappoint. Our family has made great friendships through our WDCC collection and it meant so much to be able to come together at this event.

I can’t thank Ray, Elaine, Gary & Tammy enough for their wonderful hospitality. We had such a good time! It was a thrill for me personally to spend time with Traci and Dusty at the store and at the dinner. I could have listened to them all day! Our collection has so much sentiment because of its association with the Disney films, but also because of the friendships we have made because of our common interest in it. To be able to meet and spend time with people that are the creative forces behind this collection is definitely the icing on the cake!

It was exciting to meet a new generation of collectors at the event. We have been collecting these pieces for almost 20 years and talking to these new collectors brought us back to how we felt in the beginning….the anticipation, the search for old pieces….well, I guess we still do that!
We could also see the new appreciation for the collection in the eyes of our daughter’s friend. She had seen the pieces at our house, but I know that after this weekend she will look at them differently. I think she “gets it” now!

I look forward to whatever surprises are coming next…especially the unknown 20th anniversary piece!

kissynose said...

I've only been collecting for 2 years and this was my first event. I had a great time! It was thrilling to see some of the pieces up close. Sometimes I feel weird because of the passion and money I spend on this collection, but meeting people with the same passion makes it like a family. Everyone I met was very kind and welcoming. As for the staff of the Gallery they were great as always. Looking forward to the next event.


Ps- special thanks to Don for this website. Without it a new collector like me would be lost.

Duckman said...

Justin - There was no presentation for the upcoming 20th Anniversary :(

Traci did elude they were awaiting approval from Disney and an announcement should be forthcoming of 3-4 additional pieces.

Brian - You're welcome! It was great to meet you and glad we had some time to chat after the presentation. Look forward to seeing you at the next event!

Pumpkin King said...

My girlfriend and I only started "collecting" two months ago. So this was our first wdcc event of any kind. We were blown away! Originally, I was drawn to the Nightmare pieces but now we're interested in collecting pieces from a wide variety of films. We're huge Disney fans to begin with so this is great. We met quite a few collectors at the event and couldn't believe how friendly and welcoming everyone was. It was truly a great experience; we are already looking forward to the next gathering!

Duckman said...

Hi Chris,

It was very nice meeting you and your girlfriend and talking Disney & WDCC with you both. I've been collecting since the charter year with my wife and daughter and you'll find it's going to be a great experience as your collection builds representing each of your favorite films and characters.

Look forward to seeing you both at the next event!