Thursday, March 3, 2011

Pinocchio Pool Table Scene Retires!

Sales reps and Authorized Walt Disney Classics Collection (WDCC) Dealers were advised on Wednesday, March 2nd of the retirement of the Pinocchio Pool Table Scene, an Open Edition scene release which made its debut September, 2006.

This four piece sculpture scene recreates the memorable film moment when Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island and marked the WDCC debut of Lampwick. Special Note: Pinocchio ("He's My Conscience") has been suspended since September 2009.

Limited Quantities Available:

Lampwick: "Screwball in the Corner Pocket"
Pool Table Base

Sold Out/Dry Retirement:

Pinocchio: "He's My Conscience"
Jiminy Cricket Miniature: "It Wouldn't Hurt You to Take Orders From Your Conscience!"

Special Note on Suspensions & Dry Retirements: When an Item is Suspended it is out of stock and there are no plans to re-order for at least a year. However, it could be decided to change the status from Suspended to Retired (Dry Retirement) at some point.

A dry retirement means that there is no longer product in the warehouse.

Please contact your authorized dealer and/or the Disney Theme Parks for availability.


Matthew said...

It was super cool to have Lampwick in this set. Great to have some characters released that have not been previously done.

Sorry to see him go and hope he'll be back again some day!

Duckman said...

I too was glad that WDCC did Lampwick. This was truly a great scene, touching on the Pleasure Island Sequence of the film.

Due to lack of space, I only did Lampwick from this scene when released, thinking this could be our only chance to get him.

Would love to see WDCC do him as a Donkey Boy and more from the Pleasure Island Sequence like Alexander and the Coachman.

My fear, given esoteric characters not doing well these past few years, chances of seeing them are null :(

Matthew said...

Would love to see Alexander and the Coachman.

There are some folks that are always clamoring for the rarely portrayed characters, but then don't seem to support when they are released... don't quite understand...

Lampwick was so well done.

Duckman said...

Agree Matthew. Over the years have seen collectors campaign/request more esoteric characters vs. the more popular, mainstream characters to not see them supported. Some examples .. Medusa, Scat Cat Scene from The Aristocats and the Festival of Fools Scene from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to name a few.

When you see the more popular characters sell out an edition size and these more esoteric characters end up discounted (almost given away) at TJMaxx, Marshalls and even Disney Shopping over the years, highly doubt we'll see characters like the Coachman and Alexander. Rather sad :(

Matthew said...

Someday, I'm hoping to see a piece with Pinocchio and some of the marionettes as well.

Duckman said...

Always thought they'd make great WDCC sculptures.

A great sculpture could be Pinocchio dancing with one (or more than one). Always liked the dark-haired one.

It would include a popular, mainstream character plus one or more esoteric characters. Win-win situation for all!

Herc said...

Hi Matthew and Don,
I agree that WDCC should add Alexander and the Coachman. I thought the same thing with Lampwick as a donkey boy. That would be really cool and great to do with the Pinocchio one.
My favorite scene not done yet would be the marionettes scene. Just thought it would be hard to get the marionettes with the strings.

Bob said...

As some of you know I would be elated with anything Pinocchio, especially Jiminy!!!!
Alexander and the Coachman would be a GREAT addition, it could even be done as a signature piece(wishful thinking). Would love to see Jiminy sleeping on the neck of the violin or Jiminy with his hand on the butt of the girl.
There are still so many pieces that could still be done from this film.

Matthew said...

I would LOVE Jiminy on the violin...

Duckman said...

Jeff, Bob & Matthew,

Even though we've been lucky with all the releases so far from Pinocchio, couldn't agree more, there is still a lot they could do!

Jeff - Still campaigning hard for Alexander and the Coachman. Thought maybe we were getting close when they released the Pool Table Scene from the Pleasure Island sequence of the film.

Lampwick as a Donkey Boy would be both a great piece and nice companion piece to Pinocchio as a Donkey Boy, throw Alexander into that mix and we'd end up with a great scene!

As Matthew & I were discussing, they really need to consider doing the Marionettes, nice to see there are others who would like to see them done as well. Listening Enesco? ]:)

Bob - Jiminy proves to continue to sell well, both your suggestions are great! Would especially like to see him done with the violin!

jokerdj76 said...

it's simply of the best pieces i have!!

I made a blog (like you), about my statue collection...divided into categories...If you want to check it out, u r welcome!!!

I love this blog of yours!

Duckman said...

Thanks for the kind words. Sincerely appreciate it!

I did check out your blog. Liked the layout and some very nice images/angles of the pieces!