Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween WDCC 'Villainous Values' Promotion!

In a season of mischief and mayhem, Walt Disney Classics Collection is celebrating some of the most notorious Disney Villains (and one sweet little girl, Boo, who's dressed as a Monster!) in a promotion rolling out just in time for Halloween that they're calling "Villainous Values".

Each of the in-stock sculptures have been selected for this promotion as a last chance opportunity. They are all either Closed Editions or they will be Retired when they are Sold Out. No additional pieces will be produced and quantities are extremely limited.

This special promotion begins today and includes the following Members Only releases:

Jafar & Iago ("Villainous Vizier") - Limited to Production Year 2006 $99.00US

Randall ("Slithery Scarer") - 2005 Open Edition $75.00US

Boo ("Tiny Terror") - 2005 Open Edition $75.00US

Hades ("Name's Hades, Lord of the Dead") - 2007 Numbered Limited Edition $199.00US

Ursula at Vanity ("Devilish Diva") - 2007 Villains Series Sculpture $140.00US

Horace & Jasper ("Bumbling Baduns") - 2007 Commission Only Sculpture $160.00US

Chernabog ("Symphony of Evil") - 2006 Numbered Limited Edition $399.00US

Included are the two Walt Disney Collectors Society Villains (Ursula and Horace & Jasper) as well since they thematically tie-in. They are offered at the same Collector Appreciation Pricing announced previously.

Contact an Authorized Dealer for Availability!

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