Thursday, March 11, 2010

Two New Releases Marking the 60th Anniversary of Disney's Cinderella!

As part of the Summer 2010 announcement by the Walt Disney Classics Collection, two (2) sculpture releases will honor the 60th Anniversary of Disney's Cinderella.

Arrayed in her miraculous, luminous gown, Cinderella never looked so radiant as the aptly named Prince Charming kisses the hand of the surprised scullery maid in disguise.

Walt Disney had originally intended to spotlight the Prince in a lighthearted introductory sequence, but still this royal romancer shines in the Ball sequence as the guest of honor charmingly sweeps the mystery guest off her feet. This exquisite sculpture is plussed with metallic and opalescent paint and real pearl earrings on Cinderella.

"Royal Introduction" sculpted by Kent Melton is a Numbered Limited Edition (NLE) of 750.

Two tiny heroes have a mission most impossible: hoisting a key up a massive staircase to rescue a princess-to-be from her attic-room prison.

Gus and Jaq are celebrated in this irresistible sculpture, plussed with pewter arms and wire tails, complete with a base authentic to the Tremaine chateau floor, at the start of their daunting knight-errant’s errand of mercy.

"Saving Cinderelly" sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales is Limited to Production Year 2010. Both sculptures will bear a 60th Anniversary backstamp.


Matthew said...

Happy 60th, Cindy!

I think that the "Royal Introduction" piece is incredibly well done. Cindy looks perfect.

Hooray for Jaq and Gus! Nice to have a new piece showing them in such a heroic pose.

Duckman said...

Hi Matthew,

I know this assortment is made up of repeat characters, can hear the Repeat Police now (LOL!) but actually like both these sculpts.

Received images while at WDW and our Glamping Group reviewed each image and Cinderella & Prince was voted favorite by 4 of the 9 people in our group. I personally like the coquettish stance of Cinderella.

The Gus & Jaq piece is my favorite sculpt of them to date. LOVE the determination in Jaq's face. Given Mary is a HUGE Cinderella fan, you can bet that both these pieces will be joining our collection.

Herc said...

OMG, I almost cried when I saw this Cinderella and Prince. LOVE this one completely. It will definitely take center stage in my house. Love this one. Congrats to Kent on a lovely piece.
As for Gus and Jaq, well Jacqueline did a perfect job and cannot wait to add these two. Although repeat characters, how can you not love them, especially being the heroes.

dopey926 said...

Both of these pieces are amazing. The opalescent paint on Cinderella's dress and the real pearl earrings are both exquisite touches to an amazing piece. Another job well done by Kent.

Absolutely love Gus & Jaq. Really loved the different angles you provided. They really detailed/show cased the piece!

Duckman said...

You're welcome BFF!

When I saw the initial Gus & Jaq image thought, 'oh, another Gus & Jaq' but the additional angle is what sold me on the piece, the awesome job that Jacqueline did in capturing the determination in their faces as they try to lift/carry the key.