Thursday, February 18, 2010

A 'Topsy-Turvy Tea-Tottler' Pours His Last Drop!

Sales Reps and Authorized Dealers were advised today of the suspension and sold out status of the Mad Hatter ("Topsy-Turvy Tea-Tottler") from Disney's Alice in Wonderland (1951).

The Mad Hatter, sculpted by Tony Cipriano made his Spotlight Debut in the Quintessentially Disney Series in October, 2006 as an Open Edition release.

Special Note Regarding Suspensions: When an Item is Suspended it is out of stock and there are no plans to re-order for at least a year. However, it could be decided to change the status from Suspended to Retired (Dry Retirement) at some point.

If interested in a suspended item, you may want to check with retailers regarding availability as there is no guarantee that the item could be put back into production and its status changed back to active status.


PieceoftheMagic said...

Oops. Unless you really prefer milk in your tea, you may want to check the title of your post.

Duckman said...

Thanks for catching the typo, much appreciate. All fixed :)