Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tinker Bell & Stitch in Next Wave of Polystone Busts from Grand Jester Studios!

Sideshow Collectibles has updated their website with two more releases in the Disney Bust Series from Grand Jester Studios and the creators of the Walt Disney Classics Collection for Third Quarter 2009 .. Tinker Bell and Stitch!

Tinker Bell (Peter Pan) and Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) join previously released polystone busts -- King Triton and Ursula from The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Snow White and Hag from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the Rocketeer from The Rocketeer.

These outstanding collectible busts are high-quality, detailed representations of some of the world's most beloved Disney characters, perfect for any fan to display.

Whether she's plotting against arch-rival Wendy for Peter's affections or spying on the dastardly Captain Hook, one look says it all: Don't mess with Tinker Bell! Portraying the peeved pixie in a particularly petulant pose, this character authentic, porcelain mini-bust of Never Land's favorite scene-stealer is designed and sculpted by veteran Disney animator Ruben Procopio. Standing 7 inches tall, Tinker Bell comes painted and ready to display alone or with the Captain Hook Bust and Peter Pan Bust (offered separately).

Special Note: Sideshow Collectibles has both Peter Pan and Tinker Bell listed as porcelain busts vs. polystone busts, though the detail for each refers to them as polystone.
Update 05-08-09: It has been confirmed. Both Peter Pan and Tinker Bell are both polystone, not porcelain as incorrectly described on the Sideshow Collectible website. FYI.

From Disney's Lilo & Stitch, there's a reason Experiment 626 (a.k.a. Stitch) tops the galaxy's Most Wanted list. Wielding four sizzling ray-guns and a gleefully maniacal smile, this trigger-happy alien is genetically designed to wreak as much havoc and destruction as inhumanly possible. Stitch's incorrigible attitude and bad-boy charm are on full display in this character authentic, polystone mini-bust designed and sculpted by Disney animator Ruben Procopio. Standing 7" tall, Stitch comes painted and ready to display.

Available for order (while supplies last) through Sideshow Collectibles at http://www.sideshowcollectibles.com/, Diamond Comic Distributors’ Previews, and Disney Shopping, Inc. at http://www.disneyshopping.com/.

Special Thanks to Geoffrey for posting this information in another blog entry!


William O. Tyler said...

This series is incredible. I so far have Ursula, Triton, Snow White and The Witch and each bust is simply gorgeous. Love the new additions. I hope this series runs for a long time.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Hi William,

Welcome and thanks for your feedback on the new Disney Bust Series. I've yet to see them in person, have only seen the pictures so far.

From photos, Triton and Ursula are my favorites. Would like to see them do Maleficent and Prince Phillip as part of a future release.

Behr said...

I agree with William that these are incredible. The quality is just as good if not better than WDCC. I have to say that I was a bit disappointed in the 3rd quarter releases because I like the whole concept of pairs of these like the original from Beauty and the Beast in WDCC. I think they display best as pairs. Triton and Ursula are my favorites by far. I've wanted a piece that included the eels and they look great. I sure hope they add Lilo and we need another piece to add with Tink from Peter Pan, maybe Smee as he could go with Hook. The price point is a nice value as well.

William O. Tyler said...

Yes the prices are incredible. I first saw these on display at comic-con last year in Sideshow's area and thought they would go for twice what the are. I've always liked the idea of busts and i've always liked a "matte" paint more than glossy or shiny look that comes on the porcelins as it makes the characters look more like they do in the movies. So I am really happy about this series.

Maleficent is my fav Disney character so I would love for her to be included. Other characters I think would look great for busts are The Incredibles, Beast and Belle as pairs (I also like the pairs Behr), Alice with a wonderland styled base would be cool, and you can't really have a bust series without Jessica Rabbit can you? lol

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Geoffrey-Based on the first releases, I too was surprised the 3rd Quarter releases weren't a pair/from the same film.

Tink could easily be paired with both but could see more with Peter Pan, making room for Smee to accompany Captain Hook.

William-Are the busts 100% matte finish? Have never seen anything done in polystone. It does appear you can get more detail in polystone (assuming similar to resin) vs. what can be accomplished in porcelain.

Could see Alice in Wonderland being considered for this series and TOTALLY what would a Bust Series be without Jessica Rabbit! LOL!

William O. Tyler said...

The busts are not 100% matte, but seems that good consideration has gone into what parts of each character are matte and what parts are not. Flotsam and Jetsam as well as parts of Ursula are not matte so they have a slippery look to them and Triton's crown and gauntlets on his wrists are also shiny, for example. So there are great accents on each piece.

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Thanks William, Much Appreciated! It appears a lot of attention has been paid to detail. Will keep you posted on what I decide regarding Triton and Ursula.

Behr said...

I totally agree with William that the attention to detail is flawless on these first 7 pieces. I have all seven and really love them. I swore I wouldn't collect anything outside of WDCC but looks like I've faultered. I was hoping they would come with COA's but they did not. Its amazing how much detail is captured in these "busts" truly is amazing. They are much larger than the busts of Beast and Belle.

William O. Tyler said...

Well, I guess our pun was even an obvious one to Grand Jesters. They just released a preview of the Jessica Rabbit bust:


DC Pop Fanatic said...

Thanks William for the heads up! From the teaser on Sideshow Collectibles website, she looks great!

Noticed their preview also mentioned an exclusive version through SideshowCollectibles.com.

We'll have to keep posting our ideas/suggestions :)

Rustin Allison said...

These busts look great! Thanks for posting about them!

Rustin Allison

DC Pop Fanatic said...

Your welcome Rustin! Haven't seen in person myself but my friends who have seen/purchased them said they're amazing.

Bob was just telling me last night the detail on the Rocketeer. We saw the busts the Disney Theme Parks are doing (Captain Hook and Tinker Bell) and they can't even compare to the detail in those done by Grand Jester Studios from what I've been told.