Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Hawaiian Style!

It’s a holiday of hilarity as four of Walt Disney’s greatest animated stars have fun on beautiful Waikiki Beach. Hawaiian Holiday opens with the song "On the Beach at Waikiki," immediately establishing its exotic island setting. That famous tune by G. H. Stover and Henry Kalmai was one of the most popular songs of the 1930's and was introduced here by Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy.

Mickey Mouse leads the festivities, comically coaxingsome native music from a steel guitar. Wearing a colorfulfloral lei, Minnie dances a lovely hula, enchantingeveryone with every little movement. Donald relaxesaboard a beached boat, plucking out a sonorous songof the Islands. Meanwhile that all-around (if inept) athleteGoofy gets set to hang ten with some very silly surfing. Pluto was also on hand, rounding out one of the rare occasions when all of Disney’s “fab five” shared the screen in the same cartoon short.

February 2009, the Walt Disney Classics Collection releases a four-part scene (each sculpture sold separately) that includes Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy. This Open Edition release was sculpted by Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales.

For your viewing pleasure (courtesy of is the animated short Hawaiian Holiday (1937):

Hawaiian Holiday ©Disney


Babette said...

Love them all!! Need to arrange hula Minnie with membership Timon and Small World Tahiti for a little hula trio. But we need Enesco to add the hula queen Lilo to that grouping along with her hula friends Murtle and Stitch. That would be a great scene of all those hula dancers! Can't wait for these to come out!

Behr said...

Cute scene. Great representation of 4 characters. Hope they add Pluto to the set too.

dopey926 said...

Each and every piece is truly amazing. Can't wait to get my hands on them. The detail of the Hawaiian Holiday is exceptional. Thanks for posting such details on each piece. Your love for what you do shows! We, as collectors, would be lost without you and your site. Thanks for your continued hard work!

Matthew said...

By far my favorite of the quarter! I've always loved this short and it's great to continue to see the shorts represented in the line.

Thanks for the starfish and crab on the Donald piece! Such great touchs.

I too am hoping for Pluto and an opening title!

Duckman said...

This is my favorite of the First Quarter releases (non-member). From the first time I saw the hand-painted cel in the Polynesian Lobby at Walt Disney World of Mickey and Minnie, I hoped the WDCC would someday do this short. Couldn't be more happier. Jacqueline Perreault Gonzales did a great job on each character, each one hitting their mark .. flawless!

Babs-Not sure I'd mix my scenes (guess I'm still a purist) but with you on seeing a Hula Lilo, Stitch and Myrtle added.

Geoffrey & Matthew-Like you, am hoping the scene does well enough that we'll see Pluto eventually added. Him chasing the crab on his tail is priceless! Would also like to see an Opening Title added as well.

Dopey-You're very welcome and thanks for the kind words, they're greatly appreciated! As you said, the detail is exceptional. Became a fan of Jacqueline's work with the Ugly Duckling & Mother and Little Hiawatha and she didn't let me down with this scene. Great Job Jacqueline!

Babette said...

Hey Don
Jacqueline also sculpted Paradise Stitch, and I know you love that little guy too!

Duckman said...

Hey Babs,

How could I forget Paradise Stitch. Him displayed with the Tiki Heads and Tiki Hut from Finding Nemo is one of my favorite setups in my boat displays.

Babette said...

For those folks who like to match their 3D sculpts with 2D art, here's a new Trevor Carlton piece "Fab 5 Goes Hawaiian" that goes well with the WDCC Hawaiian Holiday scene.

I've got the Salvati Hook/Smee and Tiger Lily 2D giclee that goes perfectly with the WDCC sculpt of the same scene. Synergy, gotta love it!

Bob said...

We received our Hawaiian Holiday scene today.WOW,Jacqueline did a amazing job with these pieces.What a great quarter so far.We're looking for the right spot to display them.
Michelle, I've got to get Trevor Carlton's piece to display with them.
Looking forward to a great year with WDCC.

Duckman said...

Congratulations Bob! Hopefully mine will arrive soon. Glad to hear such a great review, purchased this set based on the photos alone. Love the poses chosen and coloring. Greg told me to be prepared, Goofy is HUGE!

Totally agree, the Trevor Carlton giclee would make an awesome backdrop for this scene. They definitely need to add Pluto now!