Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Duckman's Blog: MIA

Where has the month gone?

I began the installation of new accounting software at work right after the 4th of July. Many days I feel like Donald scratching my head and looking at my computer wondering who this new life form is that has consumed my life these past few weeks and taking away from my blog time :)

Thankfully there hasn't been WDCC updates during this time and my daily email exchanges with my WDCC friends has helped me keep my sanity .. you guys ROCK!

July Release Update: Snow White & Dopey and Quasimodo arrived at dealers this month and there seems to be a delay with Clopin and the Opening Title from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Haven't heard of any sightings of Scotland from the It's a Small World Series.

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Duckman said...

Scotland Update-Received the following this afternoon from a fellow collector:

"Saw on the blog that you had not had any Scotland sightings yet. Indiana has had Scotland for a few weeks."

Thanks William!